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Mount Carmel Convent

Mount Carmel Convent

Chatiath, Pachalam Kochi -12

South - India

Mount Carmel Convent belongs to the Congregation of Teresian Carmelite order.

The Congregation was established in 1886 in a small village named Koonammavu of Ernakulam District South India, by Rev. Mother Eliswa under the spiritual guidance of Rev. Fr. Leopold OCD, a Spanish priest. Our convent started on the year 1920.


The school was also established in the year of 1920.

It gives an all around education. This school is having three divisions and there are almost three thousand students and six divisions of each class. There are guides, Red crosses, Bulbuls, etc…They are trained for cultivating their athletic talents. They won prizes for the cultural contest in State level, they get coaching in Band. Last year we have won the all-round Trophy of District level.

The apostolate of the congregation is prayer and woman education. The main objectives of our social development program are to empower the woman education and to develop in their social activities. Hence we have our school, orphanage home for the aged, bethel and woman welfare social institution for providing employment opportunities to the poor young woman. The social activities are like fibre work, soap making in small scale tailoring class etc… Here in the convent we are 25 members. Our Sister Superior is Rev. Sr. Alfredina. Seven of them are working in school. The rest of them are engaged in other social activities.


The corner stone of bethel was laid down by Arch Bishop of the Diocese of Verapoly on December 18th, 1951. To this day the institution has given shelter to 710 children among whom 200 children are adopted by the good souls of the foreign countries, mainly Italy and Belgium. All are living happily and some have now their own family. A few children are sponsored by some generous friends too. The boys are kept here only till the age of seven. Then they are sent to boys homes where they study and/or learn some jobs.

The inmates of this instruction are now 10 members and they engaged in their duties.