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About us

We are Brigitte and Roger, two Belgians who lost our hart in India, a country full of contradictions. A country full of colours and scents.

Through the "Joy Sowers" an organisation in Belgium caring for the orphan and less privileged children in India we got a sponsor daughter in Cochin, South India.

At the time of our first visit, spring 2005 we were speechless when we saw all the needs in the orphanage where Anjitha, our sponsor daughter lived with 80 other girls.

Together with Mother Superior Sr. Justin we evaluated the situation. We left with the promise to find the needed funds to rebuild the windows, windowpanes and some doors in the Bethel where the girls were housed. That is how things got started. 

But it didn't end there. After the new windows and doors we could finance a new floor in the living and sleeping area of the orphan girls.

During our visit in February 2009 we agreed to get each girl her own locker.

This list is certainly not a final one. It is obvious there is still a lot to do for MCC.

Those who want to support our project can reach us through the 'contact' page of the site. For the Belgian tax payer there is the fiscal advantage for donations starting at 40 euro.